Bill lives and works in Detroit MI


Phenomena is easily observed but difficult to describe in words. Memories, experiences, and  observations are drawn upon to produce and translate phenomena in other forms
 phenomena creates phenomena.

Translation and filtering of phenomena allows production of objects.
 Objects create events and experiences for the viewer
experiences create experiences.


I am interested in:

             How Seeing is Believing.

             Observation and learning how to see.

What the effect of light can have on the understanding of a surface, an object, and a  place.

The collaboration that must exist between the viewer’s observation, understanding, and perception, and the object being viewed.

The meditative qualities associated with phenomena such as decay, degradation, failure, flaw, and interference

How the viewer is an active creator when observing; manufacturing information mentally when they do not purely have a physical

The dependency an object has to the viewer in relation to experiences and language.  An object’s ability to be held in a superposition.

How visible light is a small area of the complete Light Spectrum

How color is a social construct of a perception.

How viewer's expectations affect a viewer's perception.

Unnoticed gradual change.

How a viewer sometimes must look away in order to see something.

How Believing is Seeing.

I am interested in the potential that an object has in the viewer's mind.






 Master of Fine Arts  University of Illinois Urbana Champaign
 Bachelor of Fine Arts School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Solo Exhibitions

  2014  Objects   Moraine Valley Alumni Gallery, Palos Hills IL
  2013  Parallax    Figure One, Champaign IL

Selected Group and Two Person Exhibitions

 2016 Beau SolBiscayne Nature Center, Key Biscayne FL
 2015  Locust Projects Booth NADA Miami Beach, Miami Beach
            Timeshare Figure One, Champaign IL
 2014  Reunion  Lehrter Siebzehn, Berlin Germany             
            UIUC MFA Thesis Show
   Krannert Art Museum, Champaign IL
            Where The Tracks End  Space 312.N, Champaign IL
            Portfolio  Atlanta Photography Group, Atlanta GA
 2013  The Extraordinary in the Ordinary    Guestroom #1, New York  NY (with Kara Schmidt)
            Shift and Adjustment    LoBe, Berlin Germany  (catalog)
            View From Here   Tête, Berlin Germany
            Archetype Drift    Filter Photo, Chicago IL
            Astro Turf    Peanut Gallery, Chicago IL
            Post-Conceptual Glitter    University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, Green Bay WI
 2012  Invisible Apocalypse  Roots and Culture, Chicago IL (with Heather Mekkelson)
You, I, You, See  Co Prosperity Sphere, Chicago IL


  2013  Picture Berlin  Berlin Germany


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